Digital Humanities 865 and History 812

Digital and network technologies are rapidly changing how we work, teach, research, and learn.   Yet often learning these new technologies while swamped with our own work, research and teaching, can be difficult and intimidating.  To this end, this course takes a hands-on workshop approach to learning technologies and applications for research and teaching in the humanities and social sciences.

This seminar is an introduction to a set of digital tools and practices that can be helpful for your career in your discipline.  The tools and practices can help to make traditional work in your field more effective and efficient, but they can also allow you to ask new kinds of research questions and do innovative and unique research in your field.

For the most part, this will be a hands-on workshop style course that will ask you to come to each week’s class ready to play and make.  The class is designed to be a supportive, experiential environment for both beginners and more advanced students. We do not expect any prior knowledge or technical abilities.  What we do expect is that you will try each tool and practice, think about how it could be used in your field, and to ask for help when needed (and to help others if you can).  In addition to the hands on work, you will be asked to do some reading and exploring of digital projects and resources.